WOW!! How time flies! It has been months since my last update. Indy has been doing great!! She finished her physical therapy at UGA and was released from UGA. Her doctors are just amazed at how well she has done. They said they would have never thought she would have done as well as she did with everything she had going on when she first came to UGA. She has truly amazed all. She has always amazed me from day one.
Indy also completed a Canine Life and Social Skills class at Canine Country Academy. A big thank you to Cathy Bruce for that.
Indy and my dog Marley have always been the best of friends. Even when she could not get around, they would play on Indy's bed together. Marley would even bring Indy toys and lay them by her on her bed. I really think Marley helped Indy so much.

I love all of my dogs and would do anything for either of them. They are my family, but just like with people, there are some that are just extra extra special. You can usually count the real special ones on one hand  . I have been blessed to have had two of these extra extra special dogs cross my path in my life. My Sophie was the first.
I had to let my Sophie go on May the 10th 2006. She was my best friend and my protector. If she was not guarding me, she would guard my things. She was always right by my side. She was also one heck of a Frisbee player. She was a little over 15 yrs old when she became very ill.. I had her since she was just a little pup. Her heart was failing and she was suffering. She had to stay in a oxygen crate in order to be able to breath at all. It was her time to leave me, but she did not think so. This was the hard part. People say you know when it is their time and they will know too, but not my Sophie. She did not want to leave me. She would have suffered until her last breath to stay with me. This was one of the hardest decisions I will ever make. The decision to let her go. When the vet was helping her cross over, she fought it. Her circulation was so bad also and the meds were not doing their job. I held her and told her I would be OK. She just cried until her last breath. It was terrible. I can think of that moment now and feel the same pain.
Then I was blessed with Indy.

I knew the very first day I meet Indy she was special. Despite all her pain and sadness, you could see it in her eyes. There was that extra something there. When Indy was staying with Carla, I would go and sit with her. I would talk to her and it was almost like she knew what I was saying. When I would leave her, I could not wait to go back and sit with her. I was very happy when the day came for her to go home with me.
Indy and I have been though a lot together.We have built such a special bond.
We made many trips back and forth to UGA together. Each trip, I would talk to her. We had long conversions even though she would just look at me, I felt she knew what I was saying.
When I think of Indy, these words come to mind. Loving, loyal, kindness, understanding, and very very courageous, and FUN. Indy is a fun dog. Always on the move and loves to play and run. Such a personality.
If there were more people in this world we live in, that had the character that Indy has, it would be a much better kinder world. I will never be able to thank Indy enough for what she has given me. So many lessons I will take with me always.
I became to consider Indy "my" dog. How could she not be?? The bond I had with her is something very special. She is my best friend. She gives me such joy and happiness. I could have a bad day at work or  just a bad day and come home and she just makes everything seem OK. Her bright eyes will melt you. She always seems so happy and just smiles the biggest smile. Look at all she has been through and she still is so happy to be alive and able to run and play. She has such character too.
I had ask to adopt Indy, but since I already had 5 dogs of my own, it was said best if she could find her very own home if she could. I said OK, but still just felt she was my dog and she would be with me forever. How could she not??
This past Sat. Sept 3 was just a normal Sat. I had been cleaning and the phone rang, A preapproved family had came out to the rescue to adopt another dog. This dog did not really work out. He was just a bit much for their dog Hailey. They asked to see Indy. Indy had not even been posted for adoption, but they had followed her story. So I got a call and was ask how I felt about bringing Indy out to meet them.
My first words were, " it makes me feel sick". I did agree to bring her out and said I would be there soon. I just sat down and things just got worse. I called back and tired to postpone it or something, but the more I heard about the family, the more I knew it would not be fair to Indy not to at least go.
I got ready and went in to see what Indy was doing and to get her ready. She was running around with a toy in her mouth. When she looked at me I just knew. Not sure how, but I did. I knew if we left, she would not be coming back. I took her outside and put her in the SUV and off we went.
Like I said, I always talk to her when we go places. I did not say one word to her all the way there. I feel bad about that now.
After we arrived, they spent time with Indy and another dog. Indy seemed to like their dog and they all really liked Indy. They wanted to adopt her. I was not surprised. How could anyone not like Indy??
I seen how they were with Indy and they were such nice people. I knew, despite how bad I wanted to run with her, this was what was best for Indy. She would have a wonderful home with only one dog to share time and love with. She has a lot of room to run and she loves to run. So it was done. 
I felt numb when Indy drove away. The numbness has wore off and I miss her terrible, but I know how happy she will be. You will see in the photos below.
I want to thank everyone at CPR, UGA, and everyone that has loved and cared for her. Also to all the people that donated to her medical bills. You are what keeps us going and able to rescue.
Her new family has been very kind and understanding of me. They have kept me updated and sent me photos and videos. They have just be wonderful.
When her new dad called the morning after her adoption, the selfish part of me was disappointed in the report. I was hoping they would say she was not doing well. She will not eat, she is standing at the door crying, she is pacing all over, and she is pooping all over the house! The report was nothing like this.
She was doing very well for her first night. Through my selfish sadness, I was SO proud of her. She has been getting more at home with her new family a little each day.
Thank you so much to her new family for giving her such a wonderful home. I know I love her so much, but she deserved more time than I had for her. She was sharing with five others. This was the last lesson I learned from Indy. If you really love, you will let go if it is for the best no matter how much it hurts.
I sure hope her new family can read this. I have two things to ask them.
One is, please do not have me arrested for stalking. I will be keeping up with Indy and I hope I do not bug you too much.
The second is, if there comes a time you have a life change and you cannot give Indy the care and love she needs and deserves, you will let her go as I did. Just call me any time day or night. It does not matter where I am or what I am doing. It does not matter if it is tomorrow or ten years from now. Nothing matters. I will take her back no matter when or what. She always has a home with me. 
Have a wonderful life my sweet Indy. I could not have picked a better family for you and I am so happy for you. Your new family is truly awesome. I will visit you soon as you get settled. You have my heart always.

UPDATE 3/21/2011

WOW!! It has been a while! So much going on lately, but I do have WONDERFUL news! Indy came into UGA on 3/17/2011. It was found Indy has 100% healed!! She has been off of the horrible antibiotics for 3 weeks now and all is going well with that. Indy does have a lot of trouble with the flexibility of her leg.
She can extend her leg well, but bending it back is the problem. She started physical therapy at UGA on 3/18/2011. We are hoping this will help. She will be going to UGA for therapy once a week for a while.
Now comes the time to get Indy out into the world. She has been through so much. Look for Indy in doggie school soon! For now, she will be taking trips to Petsmart etc..Indy is as sweet of a dog as you will ever meet. She just has to learn now, not everyone is going to poke on her.
I will update on how her therapy is going. 
A BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone at UGA!!! I could not have ask for anything better. They are all awesome!!!!!!!!!
Here are some random current photos of Indy..


Indy is at UGA today. They have determined it IS time to remove her fixator!! BUT, she has had antibiotic beads in all of this time and they are having a problem removing those. With this being said, she is going of have to undergo one more small surgery to remove those bead. This will be done either today and she will come home tomorrow, or she will have to come back :( 
I will update later when I hear. I so hate she has to go through yet another surgery, but it is nearing a end sweet Indy. 
Here is Indy on her way this morning..she was not so sure about it all. I guess she had a feeling.
Thank you so much to all that have donated to Indy's care. This will be another large bill. Please share her chipin. Thank you! 
UPDATE: Well..things have changed. Indy will NOT be having the beads out for now. Her fixator is gone. She will take the antibiotics for two more weeks. Then those will be stopped. IF she has any signs of lameness, she will at this time go back on the antibiotics and have the beads removed. Indy will still be on limited running, jumping, etc.. for 6 more weeks. There could come a time after a year or so, the beads still may have to be removed if they start trying to work their way out. 
So this is were we are now, but her fixator is gone. I have to admit, I am going to be SO nervous now. Her support is gone. She must be very careful for the 6 weeks!


Sorry AGAIN, it has taken me so long to update!! Indy returned to UGA on Jan. 7, 2011. 
Xrays were taken and the Dr. first said they were going to remove the entire fixator! Indy's bone has 100% healed!! Then they changed their mind:( They wanted to be safe and allow her to build more bone mass. They did remove the large internal pin and a couple of the external pins. She is doing great. We will be returning to UGA again around Feb. 7th. If all goes well (which it will!), they will  finish the removal of the fixator. She will still have to wear the e-collar for a couple of days after so the pin areas can close. Then we are having a e-collar burning party!!
OH..Indy loves my dog Marley..they play and play all the time. Below is a photo of them holding paws and a couple of others of sweet Indy! Also, my little Cocker Ben likes to sleep by Indy :)