Indy made several trips back to the vet for re-checks and xrays. Her days were spent in Carla's office resting. Indy would have what we called "Indy sitters" so Carla could work and care for all of her other animals.
Indy had many more bandage changes which Carla herself did. It was quite a job, but Carla did a awesome job.
Indy loves to just sit outside and look around. Carla and the sitters would take her outside for just a bit to give her a break from indoors. Just something to get her out for fresh air and of course, to potty.
Below are various photos taken during this time of recovery.


Carla stayed by Indy's side day and night July the 3rd until the morning of July the 5th. Watching and hoping Indy would not have any problems from her severe head injury. On July the 5th it was time to go to the veterinary hospital. So far so good with Indy's head injury.
Once at the veterinary hospital, Indy was evaluated further with xrays. Her skull fracture was looking good, but her broken femur was going to require surgery. Indy's surgery was done on July the 5th. A pin along with an external fixator was used to repair Indy's broken femur. Pin and fixator would need to be in place for about 6 weeks. After the surgery and recovery period Indy returned back home to Carla's.
Once back home, Carla continued to stay by Indy's side day and night as much as time allowed. If Indy was alone, she had to wear the dreaded ecollar.
Here is Indy right after surgery and at her first bandage change.


(Blog written by Indy's foster mom Wanda)
Right off, I would like to let you know, I am in no way an author. I hope you will be able to follow Indy's story here. 
Independence got her name "of course" from the 4th of July. Indy for short, because the interstate where she was hit by a car is SO busy and crazy it is sometimes referred to as the Indy 500!
Know that each word is written with love and great respect for Independence aka Indy.
I am a board member and volunteer with Canine Pet Rescue. CPR was founded by Carla Brown and is located in Dacula GA. I have to say, I am very honored and proud to be a member of this wonderful rescue. 
On July the 3rd, 2010, I was sleeping away. It was around 10am that morning when the phone rang. YES..10am is a bit late to be sleeping, but I had been out very late attending a concert in Charlotte NC. When I answered the phone, I found it was Carla. She ask if I would go with her to the Dekalb County GA animal shelter. She said a German Shepherd had been hit by a car on I-285. I-285 is a VERY busy interstate. Without our help, this GS would have been euthanized on this day. So off we went!
When we arrived at the shelter, Indy was in such a horrible state. Her head was split open and we also knew for sure she had a badly broken leg. Carla, Jamie, and myself got Indy loaded up in the back of Carla's SUV and off we went. Despite the pain Indy was in, she was the kindest most gentle dog you could ever possibly meet.
It was of course a holiday weekend and a Sat. on top of that. Carla had spoken to a veterinary clinic in Gwinnett County and we took Indy straight there. 
Once Indy was examined at the clinic, she was found to have a two inch skull fracture, multiple bruises and lacerations, and a very badly broken femur. The on call veterinarian recommended that due to the skull fracture, Indy should be euthanized. Carla said "NO". She said "Indy deserves to have a chance." So Indy was then stablized and bandaged until the following Monday. At this time her injuries were closely addressed and decisions on how to proceed was make. 
This is Indy right after we picked her up and had arrived at the veterinary clinic and also a photo of Indy after she was stabilized at the clinic and safe at home in Carla's office.