Carla stayed by Indy's side day and night July the 3rd until the morning of July the 5th. Watching and hoping Indy would not have any problems from her severe head injury. On July the 5th it was time to go to the veterinary hospital. So far so good with Indy's head injury.
Once at the veterinary hospital, Indy was evaluated further with xrays. Her skull fracture was looking good, but her broken femur was going to require surgery. Indy's surgery was done on July the 5th. A pin along with an external fixator was used to repair Indy's broken femur. Pin and fixator would need to be in place for about 6 weeks. After the surgery and recovery period Indy returned back home to Carla's.
Once back home, Carla continued to stay by Indy's side day and night as much as time allowed. If Indy was alone, she had to wear the dreaded ecollar.
Here is Indy right after surgery and at her first bandage change.

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