Indy is at UGA today. They have determined it IS time to remove her fixator!! BUT, she has had antibiotic beads in all of this time and they are having a problem removing those. With this being said, she is going of have to undergo one more small surgery to remove those bead. This will be done either today and she will come home tomorrow, or she will have to come back :( 
I will update later when I hear. I so hate she has to go through yet another surgery, but it is nearing a end sweet Indy. 
Here is Indy on her way this morning..she was not so sure about it all. I guess she had a feeling.
Thank you so much to all that have donated to Indy's care. This will be another large bill. Please share her chipin. Thank you! 
UPDATE: Well..things have changed. Indy will NOT be having the beads out for now. Her fixator is gone. She will take the antibiotics for two more weeks. Then those will be stopped. IF she has any signs of lameness, she will at this time go back on the antibiotics and have the beads removed. Indy will still be on limited running, jumping, etc.. for 6 more weeks. There could come a time after a year or so, the beads still may have to be removed if they start trying to work their way out. 
So this is were we are now, but her fixator is gone. I have to admit, I am going to be SO nervous now. Her support is gone. She must be very careful for the 6 weeks!


  1. Today is my birthday.. its a GOOD day... ALL WILL BE WELL



    and Flicka and Lucas

  2. Happy B-Day my dear friend!!!!!!!!!!