UGA VISIT 11/01/10

We are ALL back home from UGA. After a good scare and xrays, Indy's broken femur showed good healing. The external fixator looked good also.
The sores under her front leg appears to be some type of hot spot and could be some form of staph. It is not known if it is the same as what was in her bone. I have meds for that now and hope to see improvement in one week. If not, or if it continues to spread, I am to call her doctor back and we will go back in for further eval.
Her meds were changed today also. It is thought that the Clavamox is causing her to feel SO bad and not want to eat. We are going back to the Chloramphenicol 1000 mg every eight hours. I guess that means I will be setting the alarm around 1:00am again. It is just fine as long as she feels better.
She also was found to have movement in her knee joint. I cannot tell you the medical terms that were used, but it is some kind of ligament issue. It is believed this will improve once her femur is healed and she can gain her muscle tone back. If not, at a much later date, this could require some surgery. Let is hope NOT!
She also received another bandage change. No wonder she was not walking well. The bandage she had was to far down in the knee and rubbing. She now has a raw/blistered area on her knee. Another open wound I will worry myself sick over. I hope this just heals on it's own.
We are not scheduled to return to UGA for two weeks unless this get worse. I hope things only improve.
I was not able get photos of her today. Only one of her waiting. She was taken back and given mild sedation for the xrays. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and hope all continues to improve.

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