NOVEMBER 10, 2010

I have a few things to cover! It has been a few days since I have had a chance to update.
Friday morning, Nov. 5th Indy finally pooped, but you could tell it was hard for her to. Plus, you could tell her poop was very hard. Poor girl was constipated AGAIN!
Monday rolled around and she had not pooped again. She was not drinking very much water either. She was still eating her favorite food..chicken and rice. She has been also getting pumpkin, kefir and some satin balls mixed in.
I called Dr. Torres and he suggested I get her some IV fluid and discontinue her tramadol. Rather than drive all the way to UGA, I called my personal vet and they agreed to help us out! It is so much easier to take her to Winder Corners than to drive all the way to UGA. All of the vets and staff at Winder Corners are awesome. I had taken the day off, so off we went to Winder Corners.
I got her some IV fluids, stool softner, and we are starting her on heavy probiotics. All of the antibiotics are destroying her natural flora in her intestines. Once back home, we would wait and watch for the big poop! 
She also got a CBC done. We have to keep a watch on her blood due to the type of antibiotic she has to take.
Dr. Samples called me yesterday and the results of the CBC looked great!
She ate well that night and by late morning on Nov. 9th, she had a big poop! She felt so much better.
This morning she also ate some regular dog food mixed in with her chicken and rice. 
She did not poop this morning yet, but I am hoping it will come later and she can get back on a healthy schedule.
Her mental state is also improving. She is able to be out of her crate more and she is MUCH brighter!
She still hates the vet's office and tries to crawl under things, but who can blame her!
She is becoming very playful at times. She is also walking GREAT on her leg.
Here are a couple of new photos of her. One is outside hoping for poop and the other was last night. She was watching me eat and wanting a bite of what I had!

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