NOVEMBER 15, 2010

Indy is doing really well. She is walking good and seems to feel good. She has gotten very playful!
She is eating good as long as you feed her stuff she REALLY likes. She has gotten spoiled in that area.
We have rain day and it is expected tomorrow also. Indy will miss her walks if it is raining. We were able to get one in this morning before I left for work.
June has made Indy a raincoat!! She got a red plastic table cloth and cut it to fit. We did not have to try it out this morning, but I am sure we will this afternoon.
Indy will be returning to UGA on Wed. this week for a bandage change. I hope to learn then when the removal of the external fixator can began. It has been 6 weeks today since her surgery.
I will post an update regarding her UGA appt. Please keep spreading the word about Indy. She still needs a lot of help with her medical bills. Each trip back to UGA adds another bill. Thank you to all that have donated and everyone for caring about Indy.

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