September the 28th finally arrived. Indy's appointment time was at 9:00 am.
When we first arrived, we were scheduled with the internal medicine service. After the review of her case, Indy's case was turned over to the orthopedic department.
We met with Dr. Torres. He laid out a game plan for the day. Indy would get evaluated and have more xrays to see what things looked like. Dr. Torres said he would call me just as soon as they were done. I went on to work for a bit and anxiously awaited the call.
Several hours pasted and the call came. I went back over to discuss Indy with Dr. Torres.
Dr. Torres showed me Indy's xrays. The xrays showed the internal pin that had been placed by the other vet was also backing out and was for sure causing Indy some discomfort. The pin was also not working. The bone had become badly misaligned and you could see the infection all around the bone. Indy would require another surgery. 
At this time, the plan was to plate her femur, clean out all the infection, and place antibiotic beads all around the plate. More cultures would be done at this time also. Indy was to stay the night and have the surgery the next day. A quote of 3000.00 - 4000.00 was given for the surgery. We were also told she could still end up lame or even loose her leg. Dr. Torres said she did have a really good chance at a full recovery, so the surgery was scheduled for the next day. They also wanted Indy to stay the night at UGA to prepare her for the surgery.
We left very sad knowing Indy was really back at square one, but also felt she was in good hands. My main concern was the MRSA and her life. 

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