Over the past couple of months, I had spent a great deal of time with Indy. Indy and I had formed a real close bond. I ask Carla, now that the external fixator was gone, if I could foster Indy. She agreed and Indy moved to my home.
It was so good to have her home with me. She fit right in right away. All the other dogs loved her and seemed to respect her for her injury. They would bring their toys and sit them on Indy's bed with her.
At first Indy would not eat. I am sure she was missing Carla, but I noticed one day, the internal pin was beginning to back out. It was really poking her skin.
Carla came in a couple of days and paid Indy a visit and the pin came out  and was no longing poking her skin. The vet said this was normal, but it made me hurt just to look at it. After this, she began to eat again. The pin was out about a inch and a half and it only seemed to get worse. The area around the pin started to really ooze. She was doing OK at this point..who knew that something was eating her inside.

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