Over the next few days, Indy continued to eat well eating the satin balls. I could tell she was starting to put on a little weight. She still was having problems holding her urine. I was so afraid the MRSA had spread.
Carla and I talked about it and it was decided it was time to go to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. MRSA is something that takes aggression and a little extra knowledge to deal with. So a referral was called in to UGA. Indy was set to go there on September 28 .
On the Wednesday before she was to go to UGA, I came home to what seemed like a different dog. She had held her urine while I was at work and seemed to feel SO much better. She even grabbed a bone and was chewing on it. This was big! It seemed the antibiotics had finally kicked in. The MRSA was the cause of her kidney/bladder problems. It was SO good to see her feeling better. Although feeling better, a trip to UGA was still very necessary.
While waiting to go to UGA, we all made the best of Indy feeling better. Here are some shots of her enjoying her time outside.

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