Indy continued to eat well, but also continued to slowly loose weight. I contributed it to the inch and a half of the internal pin that was poking out. The area continued to look more and more angry.
On September the l3rd, Indy returned to the vet. It was time to remove the internal pin. June and I were so excited. We both had worried about the pin working its way out and how it continued to seem to be causing her pain.
Indy was also in need of a spay. I remember early in her recovery, she had went into heat. Just something else the poor girl had to deal with on top of everything else. Carla and I talked about it and the decision was made to go ahead and spay her. The hope was this would be it. No more anesthesia and things could only improve from this day.
The pin was removed and Indy was spayed. While still at the veterinary clinic, Indy slipped and fell on her leg. When she was checked, it was found she had broken it AGAIN! What had caused this?? Why did it break? Our hearts just broke for her.
Once home on the 13th, Indy would not eat. She felt horrible. She could not hold her urine and was going so much and ALOT! We were thinking it was due to the spay. Her body maybe in shock due to lack of estrogen. What to do now was the question..

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