Once home, we got Indy out of the car and placed the sling around her and got her inside. She seemed to really dislike the sling. We got her right to her bed and kept all the others away from her for now. Now to figure everything else out.
We tried a large crate we had, but it was just not large enough. So June took off to PetSmart to buy the biggest one they had. She also went to get a rotisserie chicken to have just in case:)
We moved some things around in the room to make it easy for her to get in and out of the crate. After all of that was in place, it was time for dinner and her meds. She ate great! She did have some chicken mixed in. Then it was time for her PT.
This went well also. She seemed to not mind PT at all. Now for a potty break.
This did not go so well, but we got it done. The sling seemed to scare her. She just did not understand. Now she was ready to settle in for the night.
Here are some photos of her right after we arrived home and once we got her crate all fixed up! She was taking a cone break in her crate while we watched after her.

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