It was day three. Two days post surgery. I was anxiously awaiting my morning update call. Caroline called not long after I had arrived at work. She said Indy was doing so well that she could go home that afternoon!! We were all so thrilled. Her Dr. was also very happy with the way she was progressing. Plans were made for me to pick Indy up later in the afternoon.
Around 4:30, I headed over to pick Indy up. She would go home with Clavamox, Tramadol, and Rimadyl. I was given physical therapy instructions also. PT to be done 3 times a day for 5 minutes. Then a very gentle massage of her flank muscle. Indy would return in one week for a bandage change. She and just had a new one put in place right before I arrived.
I also found out Indy ate well the night before. They got her to eat some rotisserie chicken the night before. I was wondering how she was going to take to dog food after eating that! Who cares, she ate and now she was ready to go home. 
I was also told, for the first two weeks, Indy is to only go outside to potty and must have sling support. She must be confined to a crate or a very small room. Her exercise would slowly increase over time. I know Indy must be so sick of it all. 
We checked out and headed home. Here we are in the car. You can see how large her new fixator is now.

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