Today, October 13th, 2010, Indy had a really good day. It did not start off great, but it got better.
Indy has been very constipated due to all the meds from her surgery. Poor thing had some more issues with that at 4:30am. It did improve.
I took her out around noon and she had the biggest normal poop!!! You could tell, she felt so much better after this. She was actually playful a little.
We headed to UGA for her appointment at 3:00pm for a recheck and bandage change. She was the best girl ever for this. Her tech said she wished all of her patients was as good as Indy was.
Dr. Torres checked everything and it all look really good. He also said the sling could now just be used for support in case she were to start to fall. She can now walk on her on 5 mins three times a day!!! Believe me, this is a big deal!!
We will return next week same time for her next bandage change and recheck.
Here are some photos of her waiting at UGA and the bandage change.


  1. What an absolute Angel she patient and good after all she has been through.
    Give this precious girl a big hug for me...

  2. I sure will Teresa!! She was amazing while all of this was going on!