The next morning, October the 5th, 2010, Caroline called and said Indy was still doing well. She was remaining on IV antibiotics and pain meds through out the day. She had not wanted anything to eat, but they were going to tempt her with all kinds of good things that evening. As soon as she ate, they were going to start her on oral pain meds. Plans were made for me to visit her at 3:00 that afternoon.
I was looking so forward to seeing her. 3:00 FINALLY rolled around. When I got there to visit, they were moving her from isolation into ICU. Caroline came to the waiting area and we walked back, I was made to put a gown and gloves on due to the MRSA. Indy looked really good! She was new to the area, so she was really curious as to what all was going on around her. I was so happy to see her so bright and alert. Her new external fixator was SO much bigger than the previous one. I was not allowed to stay very long. I gave her a hug and told her I would see her tomorrow! 
Caroline called later that evening to say Indy was doing well and was about to have dinner.
I was really missing her at home..

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