Today, October 27th, 2010, Indy went back to UGA for her third bandage change. Everything looked really good! We are not due to go back until Nov 9th.
At this time, she will get some staples out where they had put the antibiotic beads in. She will also get xrays to see how things are healing. Plus, of course, a bandage change. So keep sending all those good thoughts for her. I am so hoping the xrays will look good!
We have only gotten to do a EARLY morning walk so far today due to rain again. We plan to go again before bed. She is walking really well on her leg during a slow walk. My only concern for Indy right not is her mental state.
She is afraid of of everything. She is much worse at night for some reason. If I am the only one in the room with her, she is fine. If the dogs come around or two people at a time, you can tell she is looking for a place to try and get to and hide. All of this started after this last surgery and does not seem to be getting any better.
Today at UGA, I had to watch her. She would try and crawl under things if I was not careful.
She does LOVE the walks. I feel sure all of this will get better when she can just be a normal dog again. She is still and will always be such a love.
Here are some photos from today. You can tell, she is not happy. She is a wonderful patient though!

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  1. Thanks for the updates on sweet Indy. So glad she is enjoying her walks & doing better each day. Hoping her fear of things will stop once she is healed and feeling like herself again.

    Keeping this precious soul & you in my prayers...