Today, October 16, 2010, we ran into a little problem. Indy and I were headed outside for some fresh air. I got her out of her crate and looked down and the top part of her bandage was just hanging on!! I took her on out to potty and tried to figure out want was best to do. I just have no idea how it happened. She had her ecollar on.
I called UGA and spoke with the doctor on call there. She said I could bring her there or see my personal vet to have it put back in place. I looked at the clock and I had 20 minutes until my vet closed. I called them ASAP.
My vets are at Winder Corners Animal Clinic. Dr. Davison was working today and she told me she would wait for me to get there. So off we went.
Once there, Indy was all fixed up and we headed back home. THANK YOU Dr. Davison for being there for us today.
By the time we got back, Indy needed a rest. I did not want her to over do things, so we missed our outside time. We will try it again tomorrow.
We also got her urine to UGA today. June took it on the way to the UGA game this morning. We will see what they find.
Indy would not eat any this morning, but she ate a great dinner tonight.
Maybe tomorrow we can get those outside photos!

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