Today, October the 15, 2010, Indy is not feeling well. She would not eat any dinner at all. I know she is constipated again. I think..well..I hope this is her problem.
I spoke with her doctor this morning. He thinks it is the Clavamox causing some of her issues. Looks like she will have to have daily pumpkin. It worked REALLY well last time. I did get some pumpkin in her tonight, so I hope tomorrow we will get some action and she will feel better.
We have got to get a urine sample over to UGA in the morning to check her kidneys.
I am also taking her off of Blue Buffalo food. If you did not know, there is a recall on certain BB foods for high levels of vitamin D. So beware of the big blue buffalo. Some dogs are much more sensitive to vitamin D. Excessive urination is a symptom of high levels of vitamin D. Indy has been having this issue and it stopped for a bit, but it started back. When it was better, she was not eating BB. This may not be it, but after talking with her doctor, it is a good place to start. She will be eating Wellness now.
Her leg is doing really well. She is walking on it so well. We are keeping the walks very short for now, but walks will increase in time as we go.
Tomorrow, we are going to put a blanket outside and just hang out so she can get some fresh air!! I will post photos tomorrow.

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