We had to have Indy back at UGA by 7:30. It seemed like SUCH a long ride to get there. Indy was nervous you could tell. Maybe she was feeding off of my emotions, but I knew she knew something was up. I was doing all I could to remain positive and calm.
When we arrived, she did NOT want to go inside. Finally we made it in and her assigned student, Caroline, came up to get her. She did not want to go back, but did with some encouragement. I went on to work to wait.
It was not long and Dr. Torres called me. He said there and been a change in plans. He said he had met with all clinicians and the decision was to place another pin and external fixator rather than the plates. My heart sank! He said due to all the infection, they all felt this was Indy's best chance. If they plated it, there was a 99% chance they would have to go in and remove it, which would mean yet another surgery. So this was the way it was going to go. All I could do now was wait.
The day went on and I was so anxious to hear how she was. FINALLY the call came.
Dr. Torres said she was doing good. He also said it was much worse than he had thought when they got in there. There was much more dead tissue and infection. They also had to removed some bone in order to get her femur to line back up. The pin and fixator was now in place along with antibiotic beads. They had to remove a lot of dead tissue and then the area was flushed well with some type of MRSA killing solution. Dr. Torres said they hit her with all they had to rid the MRSA. She was placed on IV antibiotics and pain meds and was recovering. I would not be able to visit her this day. I would have to wait for a evening update call.
Caroline did call in the evening and said she was resting comfortably and doing well. She also said she would call me in the morning with an update and we could make plans for me to visit her then.

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